February 9, 2018

Growth Mindset for Organisations

Becoming a growth mindset business is harder than it sounds. Working closely with Prof Carol Dweck we offer a range of services for organisations from assisting you to develop a growth mindset culture to building resilience in your teams to make them more agile and innovative. We offer proven solutions that simplify your organisation’s journey toward a growth mindset.

growth mindset for students and teachers

Our services include growth mindset consulting, growth mindset workshops/programs and growth mindset assessment. We work across all industries and government.

Our global leadership in mindset assessment enables your business to benchmark it’s mindset to better understand where you need to invest to get the best results. You can re-assess periodically to track your progress over time.

We also offer individual mindset assessments for leaders and team members giving them an indication of their fixed mindset triggers. Understanding what triggers them into a fixed mindset and developing strategies to move back toward a growth mindset is the start of their journey.

Learn how mindsets maximise your investment in reskilling and upskilling your workforce.