February 9, 2018

Growth Mindset Training

We collaborate directly with Prof Carol Dweck to design and deliver mindset training programs that are proven to develop a genuine growth mindset in people. Our programs are continuously updated to incorporate Carol’s
latest research ensure that you get the best program possible growth mindset training for your teams

Growth mindset workshop
Growth Mindset Training - give your team insights into their mindset

Designing growth mindset programs that enable people to recognise that challenges and failure are good for their growth and development is something that drives us everyday. Our programs have been delivered to over 5,000 leaders and their teams in business and government. We learn from every class and work to make our training programs better every day.


Some of our most popular training growth mindset training programs


  • 60-90 minute presentation for events and executive forums   

A Journey Toward a Growth Mindset       

  • 2-3 hour interactive workshop 5-20 people

Mindset and Motivation*    

  • 2-3 hour interactive workshop 5-20 people

Leading with a Growth Mindset*   

  • 4 hour interactive workshop for leaders 5-20 people 

Growth Mindset Immersion 

  • 4 hour interactive workshop for leaders 5-20 people

Growth Mindset in Agile 

  • 60-90 Minute workshop on how a growth mindset in agile teams  

*We recommend people start with “Journey Toward a Growth Mindset” as a precursor to other workshops

Customised Programs – We can design programs for sales, service and leadership teams upon request