February 12, 2018

Growth Mindset Resources

Growth Mindset Resources

We have collected some of the best growth mindset resources to share. Want to learn more about developing a more persistent growth mindset? Check out these articles, videos and posts. The journey towards growth mindset seems simple, but many people underestimate how challenging it can be to develop a more persistent growth mindset. Carol Dweck and Susan Mackie discovered the “False Growth Mindset“.

Everyone is a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets” Dweck – The Atlantic

Carol Dweck The power to believe you can improve

Carol Dweck on Not Yet
Dweck Ted Talk

Prof Heslin - The importance of growth mindset on engagement

Employee engagement
Heslin - Mindset and Employee Engagement

Neuroplasticity - How the brain changes with effort

The plastic brain
Neuroplasticity Film

Carol Dweck and Susan Mackie - False Growth Mindset

False Growth Mindset
Dweck - The Atlantic on False Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset for Athletes

mindset for kids, growth mindset athlete
Carol Dweck writes about her work with athletes in Olympic Magazine



Parenting with a Growth Mindset

Growth mindset parenting
Growth Mindset Parenting - A quick guide to developing adaptive and resilient children

We all want to raise children who are adaptive and resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks. Prof Dweck’s work has been widely adopted in schools, but what can we do as parents to instil a growth mindset in our children? We published this simple guide to get you started. Remember, developing a growth mindset is a journey, so be consistent and supportive over time to get the best outcome for your children. Click above or see our blog

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