February 8, 2018

Growth Mindset Assessment

We are global leaders in online mindset assessment having developed the first
validated mindset assessment tool in partnership with Prof Carol Dweck (Stanford University), Dr Mary Murphy (Indiana University) and Dr Katie Muenks (UT Austin).

The Mindset Profiler has been used by Fortune 100 companies in their mindset programs and is used every day across every continent.

Mindset assessment

Mindset Profiler

Our Mindset Profiler is the world’s most advanced online mindset survey. It provides individuals with insights into their personal mindset.

Built in collaboration with Prof Carol Dweck (Stanford University) and validated by Indiana University it is a core part of any growth mindset program.

Every growth mindset journey starts with personal reflection. Learning how your mindset influences the choices you make every day.

The Mindset Profiler provides you with a personal report and gives actionable insights into your fixed mindset triggers.

The profiler targets eight key fixed mindset triggers:

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