March 11, 2018

Growth Mindset for Schools

The research of Prof Carol Dweck and Susan Mackie has demonstrated that growth mindset classrooms have greater academic achievement, support diversity and see greater potential in students.

However, developing a growth mindset culture in your classroom is a journey. We provide the roadmap for educators to help you on that journey with training programs for educators, students and parents as well as tools and resources to use in the classroom.

growth mindset kids

Our Goal for Your Classroom

Our goal is to enable every child to develop a growth mindset. To understand their fixed mindset triggers and learn how to manage them back toward growth. Students and teachers need to recognise that we are a mixture of both growth and fixed and learn to manage our fixed mindset responses.

We have developed materials and exercises that develop a genuine growth mindset in students and avoid a false growth mindset in the classroom. Please contact us to enquire about our training programs, materials and lesson plans.